Seas Excel monitors potential

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Hi guys,

Long time lurker here. Will like to say thanks for all I learn here.

I am planning to build a high end 2-way standmount speakers. Using Seas Excel line drivers and high quality components on the filters.

Think bass reflex box between 15 and 20 liters. W18E + Millenium or W18NX + Crescendo drivers. Top-notch filter components.

Unfortunately where I live I have no opportunity to hear anything similar. Still I am quite familiar to some of the commercial speakers available.

Can you please tell me If you have to place such speakers in the Focal-JMlab range, with which line you will compare them :
Chorus7, Chorus8, Profile, Electra or Utopia

Your opinion will help me a lot. Thanks.

Cheers !
Most Seas Excel drivers are excellent, see Zaph|Audio for driver reviews. Starting with low distortion drivers is good, but you need to have a good crossover to take advantage of the potential performance.

I haven't used the drivers you mentioned, but do have a system using W15CY001 and T25CF001. It replaced am active Focal based system using 6w4254 and TC120TD5. The 6W was supposedly used in the Utopia line a couple generations back and the TC120 was used in the Electra line (may have been a slightly different version)

The Excel system seems a bit clearer than the Focal - perhaps lower it is their lower distortion, perhaps Zaph did a better job with the Excel crossover than I did with the Focals. It's not a night and day difference, but the Focals have been relegated to bedroom duty.

That said, are you looking to learn to design crossovers or just end up with a good finished product? Have you built speakers before or done any measurements? If you haven't got a lot of experience, you might consider an existing high end design like Zaph's ZRT.

Focal makes very good loudspeakers. SEAS makes very good drivers.
I think with magnesium excel drivers (6"+1"), in a good 2 ways design you can go further than a 2 ways like the "utopia Diablo" in term of neutrality. That's all I can say !

I can also say, you will not be disappointed if you buy Excel drivers and make a loudspeaker with a good design.
This is also true with a revelator design from Scanspeak.
You should read this

Have Fun
It looks like my previous post get lost. Will try again.

Thanks for your answers guys,
Well it seems the idea got some potential :)

I am more into headphones atm, this will be my first speakers.
I have some experience with DIY in general. As well I will be able to get some help for the filters.

Decided to go with 2-ways, because I am listening mainly at low levels and the crossover design will be easier.

I aim natural and detailed sound, with low distortion and fatigue.

The small problem I have is to choose the drivers, not having opportunity to hear them. But I am reading the forums :)

What do you think about the Accuton drivers. The C173-6-095E + C30-6-023 sounds good on paper. I don't see many projects with them and they will need complex filters.

Just Say No to Accutons

Over priced; equal/better performance in lower priced drivers like SEAS and ScanSpeak. But - I also discourage you going with the Millenium or Crescendo tweeters - same issue - better tweeters can be had for less, in the SEAS line no less (27TBFC/G, for one). Be sure to read Zaph's "Tweeter Mishmash."

Here is a design that represents very high value and top-end performance, by a well-respected designer, with SEAS drivers:

The Seas ER18DXT ported two way
If we consider high end design without any compromise, the sound quality of the ER18RNX in a loudspeaker is not at the level of a revelator or an excel driver in the treble although the low midrange is excellent. The treble of this driver is a little harsh to my ears.

I don't any idea about the sound of Accuton drivers or Audio technology, these drivers are very expensive.
My vote for ER18DXT too

a two-way is not just about good drivers. The crossover type and frequency affect directivity a lot, which contributes to the sound of speakers. MarkK:s design is an exceptionally good speaker (verified by meetings) and the construction is easy. It's not very cheap but it must be the value-leader. I have listened to them for over a year now in my living room and I'm still very happy with them. I have a sub for <80Hz but when listening 2-channel I run them full-range.

Actually the price of the Accuton combo is very close to the Seas Excel combos. So I will definitely consider them.

I read some very polarized opinions about them. Half of the people love them and the rest cant stand them. Nothing in between.

Do you guys know published project with them, apart the Cup-a-Soup from Tony Gee.

p.s. It seams that I will really have hard time deciding between the paper and the magnesium/ceramic drivers. :) That's half of the fun of DIY.
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