Seas Excel/ Crescendo Project

Chris H

2010-10-24 11:36 pm
Hello all, I am relatively new to speaker building, having built only a few different pro subwoofers, and mid tops, and a few cabinet projects for other builders. I am not well versed in box or crossover design. My cabinet skills are very good, as I am a full time woodworker. I am building a pair of speakers based on the Seas Bifrost kit. The parts are already ordered and should arrive in the next few days. I am looking at this as a learning project, and look forward to chasing the sound I want.

I would like to build a three way design with a separate subwoofer box below what would have been the Bifrosts. I am thinking of a two box design, with the top 2-way box sitting on top of the sub box. I would like advice on the crossover point for the sub box, I am thinking around 200-300, but would like input on this. Also on crossover design... how will the existing crossover need to be modified to accomplish this. Any starting points for a crossover design? Resources for learning? I am planning on using a Seas Excel driver for the sub and would also welcome advice for what size driver to use.

Any advice is welcome in helping me design this speaker.

This is for my own personal use in my home. I recently heard the new Kudos Titan, and was very impressed, best speakers I have ever heard. They blew away much more expensive speakers, although given that show conditions are not really fair for comparisons...

Thank you all in advance for the input!