Searching for Sugar man.

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Awesome documentary. I'm biased because I'm a South African. Still I think many interested in music might enjoy the movie.
Searching for Sugar Man (2012) - IMDb

Still have the Cold Fact album. The first album I ever bought at age 15.


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My wife and I watched the movie the other night and were completely overwhelmed with emotion. How could this guy have gone totally unnoticed in the USA during the 70's. Just amazing. An amazingly humble man, an amazing talent and thankfully maybe a little poetic justice for him in the sunset of his life. His recognition is long, long overdue. I plan on seeing him when he's performing somewhere close by. Hope it's soon. I just missed a concert of his in NYC - because I didn't even know he existed!! What a wonderful, true and inspiring story.
What a wonderful, true and inspiring story.

Btw. The only true part they left out is that he is/was also known in Australia and NZ reasonably well.

I actually only started appreciating him when I got in 18. Initially I did not listen to his album all that much when I was 15. Listening to his lyrics when I was 18/19 I rediscovered him again...his lyrics striking chords in my soul that NO other singer before or after has ever done. And he is humble. I just Love Rodriquez to bits. Especially in this day and age where the disney kids end up becoming pop stars.
I watched with tears in my eyes at the end of the movie where, he comes out of his house, with his black trench coat and hat on. He ever so humbly walks across the snow, bent slightly hunched over, facing the rickety sidewalk as he makes his way towards town. The stark contrast of the white snow and this black figure walking was just too much to comprehend. I thought the movie was done so beautifully. I guess it's kinda hard to tell! :D My hat is truly off to this guy. I can't think of any other movie that has so moved me. Ever! His story has made my whole week. His album came today too. I would love to have an original. Wow.
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There was a second album "Coming From Reality" that I think was recorded visiting/performing in South Africa. A third album is "Lifestyles" but of this I only have one track. His albums are all poetically great.

In my opinion, Donavan, an English artist with very similar style hit the charts in the USA at very much the same time with songs like Hurdy Gurdy Man, Catch the Wind, There is a Mountain, Mellow Yellow basically stole Rodriguez lime light and he was really only introduced in the "down under" countries as BAS mentioned.

But yes, I am a great fan of Rodriguez, because he is such an incredibly humble guy with an amazing talent and very unique voice.

I appreciate you introducing him to DIY audio BAS he deserves a mention in the public domain.
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I first watched the documentary about 6 months ago on a local satellite TV. It moved me and moved me to tears as no other movie, of any kind, did. I watched it few more times since. An extremely well done documentary movie, about a remarkable, almost unbelievable, story, presenting a great musician and a remarkable person. It makes one think and ponder about the relations between musicality greatness and popularity. Not always there is a correlation between the two.
He's a brilliant artist, no doubt there. A real talent for insightful writing is rare but to have that combined with real musical talent is as rare as hen's teeth, even more so nowadays it seems. I have not seen the documentary yet, hopefully I will soon though.

Real talent will always shine through in the end, often though a great artist has to die in poverty before they get the recognition they rightfully deserve.
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