SE setup need amp advice

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I need a good amplifier for my SoundEasy setup.

I use Soundeasy 14 so my understanding is that it cannot be bridged to make impedance measurements correctly. I don't have a spare receiver or non bridgeable amp laying around so I would like to purchase something to fit the need. Perhaps a 2 channel ~ 100w in a small package so it can be multitasked. I am also entertaining the idea of small low but adequately powered mono block.

Been searching around in all the obvious places but nothing seems to fit the bill.

Any suggestions on a low cost high quality solution?
A low power integrated amp will work. These go for a song at your local pawn shop. You won't need 100W just for SoundEasy. 10W should be fine. Also, if you can find a multichannel amp, do so. It will enable you to do crossover emulation via the Digital Filter feature. Will save you from building multiple prototype crossovers.
I used to use a two channel amp but now, like Shaun, I also reccomend people use a cheap 5 channel home theater receiver.

You need one that has 5 channel analog inputs. Also look for analog bypass so that you can bypass any DSP etc. I paid $150 for cheap sony new but they can be had on ebay and at pawn shops for half that or less.

Theis will serve all your measurement needs plus the 5 channels let you the SE XO emulator for XO design anc voicing. Also, since the receiver has a remote, you can be at your pc or laptop adjusting measurment levels by remote, muting the receiver etc.


Hi Shawn,

Would like about ~100W so I can mutitask the amp. To measure but also run it to get an idea of how the speakers sound with an prototype xover before moving them to the main listening area. or just to play some music in the shop while not measuring.

The mutilchannel amp idea would put me in a position
to utilize the digital filter feature.

Is it possible to use a 7:1 home theater amp or something more specialized. 3 - 2 channel amps?

Any model recomendations?


Mine is the Sony str-de875 it is supposed to have 100wx5 but I doubt that. I also know it can't put out anywhere near that into 4 ohm loads but for what I paid, I don't expect it to. It is probably 4 years old. But there are lots of choices out there.

I do like having it where I can hook up a pair of speakers to it and just listen to the radio if I want too.

Mind you, I would never use this for serious listening or in the HT, I have Krell and Anthem gear for that. But for measurements, XO emulation, and garage music my cheap receiver works just fine.

If you went with a multi-channel power amp, you would still need a multi-channel preamp to drive them.

Good luck.


If you're on a really tight budget, you may just want to reconsider getting an all-in-one solution. From I hear you want a low-cost amp that is also a 100-watter. I think you'll be lucky to get both at once, let alone multi-channel (unless you are willing to accept manufacturer specs as Dennis described). If it were me and money was really tight, I'd get a cheap stereo or AV multi-channel amp to get me up and running and then save up for a good stereo amp for my main listening (like what Dennis has). You never know what bargains may come along...
Hey guys,

Thanks for the input and suggestions thus far.

Ya I guess saying low cost is really a relative thing so I should have put a dollar amount in there. I was thinking in the terms of not needing to spend thousands on high end stuff as I already have decent listing equipment. So the bottom line is I don't mind spending upwards of a couple hundred dollars or more if it gets me a decent product and to the digital xo features. As for mutiltasking the amp for background music, I imagine even 60W should be ok (never used an amp rated under 120W)

The other avenue I was considering was just getting some small 2 channel amps or a pair of small mono blocks dedicated to the task. I saw this tread where someone was using a 2 channel JBL amp. It looked slightly bigger than the hand. Maybe it is based on the LM3886 chip y8s mentioned. In any event what caught my attention was the small form factor and nice neet little package. Add more channels as you need them.

What I am gathering so far is that most folks just utilize a low cost 5.1 or 7.1 integrated amp with the option of direct RCA inputs to handle the digital filter features. Ok by me. I'll start looking at some lower end units like the Sherwood.

Really apreciating the feedback. It's good to be educated and hear options before laying out the cash for something that doesn't fit the bill or burns out in a year.

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