SD Card HiFi music player list


2011-05-05 1:58 am
More and more people listen Wav/APE/Flac instead of CD, and there are hundreds of USB device in the market for digital music files. Players with SD card slot are a very dedicated kind for music only, thus can be the best replacement for your old CD player. I would like to create a list for SD card HiFi music player, if you know any, please add here:

- Resonessence Labs Invicta DAC INVICTA | Resonessence
- Fostex HP A8
- QA660 DSD/Wave/APE/Flac/ 24/192 transport SHEN ZHEN QLS ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. (HIFI Audio sector)
- QA350 Wave 16/44.1 only, with headphone amp