Screen Taps on Sunn Model T


2009-02-20 3:31 am

I just started a build of a Model T, but with two power tubes. On top of that, I'm a bit short on money so I am using a non UL output transformer. I am curious as to how I can add a screen tap on the power supply.

I was thinking tacking a voltage divider on the plate tap oughtta do it, but am unsure of component values. The plate tap is going to be about 550v.

Look at most any other tube guitar amp schematic. Fender made a few UL amps, but the vast majority were not. On your old drawing, you would simple put another node between nodes A and B on the B+ string.

But look at the Fender version of the Sunn Model T from 1998. That is a conventional screen supply amp.

Most tube amps in the guitar world are not UL types. and the power supplies are all just about the same, check a few out.