SCR film capacitors??

Hello anybody.

ELFA have a polypropolyne axial capacitor called Mfr. SCR. I think they are produced in France and should be very good:) then choose your language.

So have anyone off you tried them as decoupling or as a blocking capacitor in a audio circuit?

I am thinking off the one with 250V 10uF for decoupling in my preamplifer.


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Film Cap

Sounds like Solen SCR caps. They are made in France and are sold worldwide with their names and a multitude of other names. They work as a coupling cap and I have used them for that in my preamp.

Solens tend to be a little bright to my ears. I met a tweaker at a DIY Meet who claimed he had a friend he could hear a Solen and discern it from other caps in an audio circuit. I must agree I can hear a Solen most times, because of their brightness. but I am not 100% Golden Ears but I know the Solens' sound.

Because of the size you need the SCR is a good choice based on price. I strongly suggest Auricaps, but they can be pricey for such a large cap.. In my equipment there has been repeatable enhancement in every place I have used an Auricap. YMMV