scopes, generators, meters - what do you use?

just curious what everyone out there uses for test equipment. i haven't gotten much past a variac and multimeter myself, with my ears doing the rest of the "measuring," but as my projects get more complex i'm looking to get a decent set of tools. few questions for you all:

- a good analog scope is still the way to go right? e.g. i'm looking at a used Tektronix 465...

- what's a good low-distortion signal generator? do some of you own one? am i better off using a test CD and a regular cd player/DAC to generate my test signals?

- are there any relatively affordable distortion analyzers out there that provide any useful resolution? if not, i guess i'll have to stick to my ears and eyeballing the scope...

i saw fragments of answers to these questions when searching the forums, but i'm interested in surveying what kind of equipment all you fellows use.