Schematic Needed: 1988 dbx DX5 CDP

Hi all...

I am wanting to tweak my dbx a bit - and would love a schematic - if anyone has any guidance to point me toward one - or have one in hand.

I am newbie at this, but I have found the player has 2 burr-brown PCM56P 16 bit DACs - these are still being made by Ti/BB and seem to be very good lil DACs - site said they were designed strickly for digital-audio usage. I like the design and reviews of the Rotel RCD-971 CDP, which uses 2 BB PCM63P DACs - which are no longer made by Ti/BB - hmmm.

The lil dbx is really the only CDP I have used since getting serious about audio a few years back. I jus think it would be fun to invest a few $$ into the player, to see what it could achieve.

I am gonna take some pics of the boards and post them in a bit, but here are the specs from the OM that I have. Would love to get a schematic for it tho, so some of you xperts can guide me in parts choice!!!


1988 dbx DX-5 CDP (Maybe Yamaha boards? - Made in Japan)

Over-Easy Compression - DAIR (Digital Audio Impact Recovery) - and Ambiance Control.

Also has a headphone jack, with its own volume control.

*Frequency Response: 10 Hz-20 Hz = +/-0.3 dB
*THD = Less than 0.003% at 1 kHz, 2-V output
*Dynamic range - 96 dB Max output - 2V
*Output noise - 100 dB below 2V
*Pickup - 3-spot "triple-beam" laser
*2 DACs
*Converter resolution - 16 bits
*Smoothing Filter - Linear-phase digital (176.4 kHz oversampling rate) with 3rd-order analog
*Output impedance - 330 ohms
*Channel seperation - 90 dB
*Power - 23W

Compression can be varied from 70 dB (full compression) thru 96 dB to 106 dB (according to how you apply the signal-processing circuits)