Schematic diagram sought


2016-02-13 5:23 pm
I have thus far been unable to find a schematic for a Radio Shack PA Amplifier (model MPA-101). I've seen many user manual PDF, but no X-Ray diagrams or schematics. The former is not as important as the latter. Any notion of where the diagram is to be had?

turk 182

2012-10-26 3:03 pm
not sure what the application or problem is but most of the MPA series develop driver stage faults.
if i can get to my storage unit i do have original owner's manuals for a few models which contain the schematic for the unit on the last page.
if you need the amp to drive a 70V line but don't need the on board mixer recycle the output transformer and drive it with another amp.
these amps where ok but not worth the time and parts to repair imho.