Scanspeak (Rega) D2008 7203 like 8511?

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Hi. Newbie here.
Have a pair of Rega ELA mk 1.25 and have picked up a pair of Linn Kabers for 100 GBP. Don't like the early mk1 ceramic tweeters in the kabers. I understand that scanspeak D2008 and Hiquphon OW1-92 are drop in replacements.
Really like the sound of the Regas tweeter at 4k plus. Much more open and the boxes vanish where the early kabers tweeter doesn't. So...
The ELAs have an oem driver from Scanspeak D2008/7203. Reputedly they have no ferro and have been tuned to match the crossover in the ELA which would suggest they might be closest to the 8511, with the 7203 no longer available and the 8512 having ferrofluid and a higher resonance point of 800hz compared with 650hz - but what should I put in the kabers? Can't afford the Hiquphons. Could cannibalise the Regas, but this seems a shame. How similar could the 7203 and the 8511 be? Hoping that someone on here has been there done that, or has an insiders view. Can anyone help.

Thanks Andy B
The D2008 seems discontinued. Try the Vifa/Tympnany XT25 line. :) Absolutely fantastic tweeters for their price. SS sells the XT25 tweeter under their own brand label. Here they are $20 for the SS label upcharge.

However, you'll need to do some crossover work to make the transition truly work. If you are SUPER lucky, the crossover points will match and all you will need to do is adjust the tweeter level. More likely you won't be so lucky.... :D

Since you are a newbie I strongly encourage you not to try to get the most expensive tweeter you can find. :) Get the XT25 or something in the price range. You'll cry less when you ruin them. :) But seriously, the XT25's are super great values. Crossed over correctly (easy to do if you know what you are doing) they are fabulous.


Hi Erik, Thanks for that. Over here in the UK we can still buy new stock scanspeak D2008 / 851100 & 851200 tweeters.
My question is whether the 851100 is a close match to the 7203 unit in my Rega ELAs.
I think the answer is to try the ELA version in the Kabers and buy a pair of 851100 tweeters and see if they sound better or worse in the Kabers/ELAs.
I found the specs on the Hiquphon here.

That seems like a very smooth tweeter, with particularly low sensitivity of around 90 dB. The specs I found for the 851100 are not so good. Sensitivity and resonance frequency were close, but the shape of the curve looks quite different. The XT25 is in fact a lot closer to the Hiquphon for FR, but no idea about physical size. It's also more sensitive and has a lower impedance than the other two.

I'd encourage you to find a more modern tweeter than you are looking for though, and integrate it. There are some pretty smooth and low cost alternatives out there.

Good luck,

Replacement for Scanspeak D2008/7203

Hi, I have a situation which is a bit like Andy B's including the fact that I'm a newbie. I have a pair of Royd Apex speakers, but one of the tweeters is dud and I want to replace it. The existing one is a Scanspeak D2008/7203 which I see from Andy's post is no longer available. So I'm looking for a replacement, and I see that the SS D2008/851100 is available here although it's somewhat pricey.

I'm interested to learn that the Tymphany XT25 is a possibility. I don't know anything about crossovers and suchlike but I'm happy to learn if needed. But to be honest, I don't know if I would be able to tell the difference anyway. I'm sorry if that's sacrilegious talk in this community!

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Jan P
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