Scanspeak Discovery 10F/4424G00. FRD/ZMA files?

Does anyone have the FTD & ZMA files for the Scan-Speak Discovery 10F/4424G00?

I am using it in a two-way with an SB Acoustics tweeter, and just want to quickly model the upper freq area in this online crossover tool that allows FRD and ZMA files, so I can pick values for my first go-around with the crossover. Right now, planning an easy first order crossover.

Just the published response. I don't yet have a calibrated mic. I am planning to order one for my FocusRite audio interface. (Also, what software should i look at for the mic?)
I am using the SB Acoustics SB21SDC-C000-4 tweeter.

Woofer crossover: 0.2mH in series, and 23.5R in parallel to slightly tame the impedance spike

Tweeter: 10uF in series


Not too bad for a simple first order setup. Of course it does not yet account for baffle effect.

Parts come today. Should be able to wire up and test it out this weekend.