Scanspeak and Ribbon tweet combo

Looking to build a set of bookshelf (maybe large ones) with an aurum cantus g3 and the scan revelator. Will have an active crossover to find my points and build a passive network for it later. I've not worked with this driver before and am curious what you think, vented or sealed? and what volume? I'm aware the page contains a suggestion.

I would do the 8" if sealed was an option, but vented would yeild too big a box

or I could to the 6.5 if you feel it gets down enough to suffice for pleasurable listening. I listen to pretty much anything well recorded.

Forget about the 22W8851 in a 2-way as it's a bass driver only. I've played around with it and not the greatest 8" bass driver out there. Better value can be had elsewhere such as the Peerless 830884 which is good on the mids as well. The Peerless 830869 could also be a good 8" candidate to do mids as well.

The 18W8531 has great mids and I'm sure there are several good designs out there. The trick with this driver appears to be finding the right balance of bass and mids and a smaller box appears to be better. Sacrifice some extension for better bass control and better mids.

I use it in my mains in an OB from 160Hz up. I left the bass duty to another driver as I found the bass balance too fickle in a vented design.

Have a read of this as it could help with this driver.

Don't dismiss the Peerless 830975 Nomex in a 6.5" as it's a great driver. There are heaps of alternatives out there.

BTW, I sell and have used both 6.5" drivers, so I speak from experience.

ok, what about the excel 8" I didin't mention it as I've used it a number of times before and was thinking something different, but it would certainly match well sonically with the ribbon IMO....or is the cone breakup an issue in a 2-way?

The cabs in the 3 way page are way to large for where these are going...