Scan Speak 9700 or 6000-01?


2001-12-05 1:53 am
Hi. I'm new on this forum. I'm a little "off-topic", because I'm a Car Audio competitor.
But now I'm making a new system. 2 ways + subwoofer.
I need your advice. Car audio needs a good off-axis responce, so the choices are:

Tweeter: Scan 2095/9700 or the 2094/6000-01. Can someone tell me some something about the sonic difference of this tweeters? Witch would you choose? I know the 6000-1 are a newodimium type (and have a little better off-axis response), but I'm concernig detail and image.

Mid/bass: Scan 15w/8530K00. I don't know the difference to the 15w/8530K01, and would appreciate some comments. I choose this driver because is small and have a good bass response.

Sub: Need advice of a 8" (20cm) for a small box...

Crossover frequencys (all active):

Sub: 70Hz and down
Mid: ~70-2000hz
Tweeter: ~2300hz and up

There is a little difference on the mids to highs cut, because of a little peak on the woofer frequency responce at 2Khz. Need to check this with the RTA.

Thanks for your time. All replys will be very apreciated,


PS: By the way, I'm Portuguese. Sorry about my bad English...


2001-03-06 3:07 pm
i would go with the 6001 in a car....but im not sure that the 8530k will be such a good choise for car audio since it is a pretty harch enviroment and i dont know if the glue in the sliced cone can take it for any longer extent of might be a good idea to check with scan-speak if you tell them its on your responsability they are quite willingly to discuss how to best destroy there drive units by means of modification =))