Satori mw13p-8 in a 2.5 way?


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2002-09-25 11:01 am
There isn't much available excursion for this woofer to work well in that application. Unless, of course you cut to a sub below 80Hz.

As a mid crossed over low (~200Hz LR2) it's amazing, I'd say better than MR13 becuase the excursion allows you to push the system very hard and not run out of breath. Or for a tiny standmount/personal monitor.

I would rather use the MW19, which costs less than two MR13 together, offers much better low end performance than both, and with the very good Satori soft dome can be crossed relatively early to avoid breakup.The ring radiators can be used, but their distortion <2k isn't as good as the soft dome.


2012-02-10 12:12 pm

this combination is of course a very nice project for a small footprint cabinet with high enough spl for any normal mid size living room listening experience, powered by a 60W/8R amplifier. Plenty of bass included. If you can manage a xo filter to play along, you won't need to search any further, having in mind that you can puchase these locally for a better price than the rest of us.
Lojzek, yes compact, slim and under 95cm H. I looked at commercial designs using similar size. Ie Scansonic. An important prob to address is 'bassboom', an issue with some 2.5 ways, even when using small drivers. They tend to need alot of room around them. Maybe a highish dcr (0.5r)coil in front of 0.5 woofer to raise qts, lower output slightly
Other drivers worth considering imo
Scan rev 5.5
Satori textreme 5" (May eta)
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2012-02-10 12:12 pm
We can't analyze any problem without doing some research first. Bass boom can be cabinet, driver, room, xo filter related, any combination of these...etc.

Qts 0.3 (mw13p-8) is in the right ballpark for a proper sounding vented loudspeaker and in that sense any potential booming would not be driver related.