SATA to Gpio

Yep, the Orange Pi Plus has SATA onboard:

See: Orange Pi - Orange Pi Plus
Ok, but i don't have the board yet, i've found this on the net:

........So when you have touch module, plug it in to C1 or Linux desktop and run "lsusb" command. It will show you the USB device list with such IDs....... I prove it and this is what I see when write lsusb on android terminal: at this time I was using 3 ports, 1 for touch module, 1 for mouse and the other for keyboard.............

The lsusb printout shows there is nothing hooked to the second USB bus, while the first has a usb hub (very likely onboard) with MS mouse, Dell keyboard (with internal hub) and RPI touchscreen. The discussion (ODROID Forum • View topic - 9" lcd touch screen will run??) did not reveal which USB connectors the guy used.

Nevertheless the Odroid C1 block diagram shows the internal connections right away. The microusb otg port has a separate host controller.