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Good day everyone, I bought a Guitar amp China made, now its not working. I open it and found two SANKEN parts that blows. SAP 15N/SAP 15P. I'm about to replace this two SANKEN but I could not found it anywhere. If anyone knows please help me find a replacement or an equivalent parts of SAP 15N/SAP15P. I would gladly appreciate such help as this.;)
Don't think there's a "second source" replacement.
After all it's just a couple transistors with the bias diodes built in (good) , and if I don't remember wrong, also the ballast resistor (BAD :eek:, who needs an extra heat source just a millimeter from the chip, if not on the chip itself?:mad:)

If I had it on my bench in Buenos Aires I would use a couple good, similar or better specs power transistors, and add some bias sensor (diodes or VBe multiplier) and an external couple wirewound resistors.

But to offer any more precise help, we need a schematic, so get a good pair of glasses, pencil, paper, and some coffee or tea and start drawing.

At least the power transistors, their drivers, and the predriver stage, a.k.a. Vas stage, plus any short protection.

Or try to get some friend's international credit card and order them from Babani or similar source. EBay not recommended, at all.
You will have no Customs problems with such a small order.
Not sure what you mean.
Building a new power amp?
It may be an option, post some gut picture so we see layout and available space.

But first I'd try to replace SAP with some similar spec power transistor, and add the biasing diode string plus external wirewound ballast resistors.

Would be the least work option.
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Good masters, here is a close picture of a circuit board of my guitar amp with SAP drivers. I don't do much in drawing diagram so I just toke a close shuts. I hope Someone could help.


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