SANWU TDA7492P 50W+50W issue


2020-01-08 3:12 pm
Hello everyone,

I'm really honored and pleased today to join you guys on this wonderful forum!

I recently bought a SANWU TDA7492P 50W+50W amplifier board from AliExpress to use some old 4Ωx2 speakers with unknown wattage, I powered it with a 3.1mm AC/DC adaptor, 12V-2A output.

The issue is, when I plug the connectors into my two speakers, the amplifier board won't turn on but when I remove just one speaker connector it turns on. I'll include a video that will describe the issue perfectly.

SANWU TDA7492P 50W+50W issue - Streamable

I don't have any experience or education when it comes to speakers technology, so any information provided is much appreciated! :)