Sansui AU-X501, protection problem

Hi to all.
After a repair in my Sansui AU-X501, I try to adjust the Bias and DC 0V.
During this adjustment the protection activated and form then is always on.
I check everything in the protection circuit and I can't find the problem.
The amplifier works fine. I bridge the protection relay contacts and sound is clear and loud.


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Could be your Bias and/or Offset Variable Resistors have gone flaky and need changing? Ive had the same problem a few times now so I always change the Variable Resistors to sealed 25 turn types.
Good point, old pots can be a bit crusty and may appreciate a bit of isopropyl alcohol at least (or suitable contact cleaner, like DeOxit D5 or similar). Swapping them out is not usually necessary in a well-designed circuit, unless they are literally falling apart (the Pihers in old Grundig amps are doing that at times).

My prime candidate would be the offset pot. Maybe do a sanity check of its operation with the multimeter.

Output Offset is 0.05 ~ 0.10 mV
I have check it and before the relay. I think it is OK.
Hmm. Please measure the voltage across each of the 0.22 ohm resistors. Anything more than 10-15 mV to be seen here?

If so, check resistor values to the best of your abilities (measuring sub-1 ohm resistors can be tricky on a basic multimeter, but compare a few to be sure).

If not, something in the protection or relay driver circuit may have chosen an unlucky time to pack it in.
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Hey, I´m new to the forum and have the same issue.

In the moment I moved the DC-Offset poti the protection went on and is now in this state permanently.
I checked all the resistors in the protection section off the board, on the basis of jimakos problem, but they all seem ok.

Any other ideas what the problem might be?