Sansui Au 222, Powertransformer 4005317 Equivalent

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going to rebuild a solid state transistor Sansui Au 222 Amplifier.
For going forward I need (do I?) the Sansui Powertransformator 4005317 with 2x36V-1A, 6,3V-1,5A output at the secondarys.

Nothing found in parts on ebay and the web. Perhaps somebody of the community have an old one to rescue me.


What equivalent can i use instead of the original Power Transformer instead of the orginal?

Thank you for reply

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Two suggestions:
There are now very few stock E-I transformers around that would be suitable, since they tend to be multi-tapped rather than centre-tapped, for universal applications. Instead, see if you can fit a standard range, dual 35V secondaries toroidal transformer of 80VA. These are quite small, physically very different but probably slightly higher in power rating to the original. By substituting a bridge rectifier in place of the 2 diodes in the power supply, you could use a dual 18V secondaries transformer instead, since these are more common.

Note that the amplifier output rating is actually lower for 4R loads than 8R loads. That means it doesn't have the current to drive 4R loads but you could expect output transistor failures if you fit a much larger transformer and attempt to get more power, more bass etc. from the present components. Resist the temptation to do this unless you want to rebuild the whole amplifier.

The 6.3V winding is only for the power indicator lamp, so it doesn't need to supply 1.5A. It's more like 150mA but you could easily exchange the lamp for a LED, using the same indicator bezel but power it from the amplifier power supply, via a further dropping resistor at say, the 25VDC B4 supply. This will require much less current and eliminate the trivial need for an extra transformer winding.
Manual here: Sansui AU-222 Manual - Solid-State Stereo Amplifier - HiFi Engine
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Many thanks for your support. Step by Step things come together.

A few hours of power-googling getting two results i like to introduce you and re-check if those are the right choise to your suggestions.

First a new and semi expensive todorial transformer 115/230V primery, 2X35V 1,14VA, 80VA secondaries.
2x 35V toroidal transformer 80VA

Second a used cheaper vintage powertransformer with nearly the same specs but an additional primery 120V, 10V i don´t know how to handle it.
The dealer is in Dortmund 40km nerby my hometown. Ready forpersonal collection this one would by the first choise for me.
Hope there is no invention for it.
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best regards and thanks again for your support

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