Sandsquid, a new tool for simplified electronic part ordering

Hey guys,

Normally me and my partner develop embedded stuff (and I DIY audio as a hobby), but last year we had some idea to solve how annoying and slow electronic part ordering is, so we developed Sandsquid - An ocean of electronic parts in our spare time.

It's completely free, and does automated inventory scanning, price optimization and BOM aggregation. Unlike octopart and findchips, it focuses more on complete BOMs and not so much on an individual part.
It also deals with annoying stuff like price breaks. Some guys have been using it already with much success, and we thought we'd bring you the news too.

We'd appreciate feedback! We want to make this annoying experience of buying parts as painless as possible, so lets all help each other :D
Great idea !
Great job !
Great to let us use it !
... I guess it would be difficult to include some european distributors, like Farnell ?
And, if possible, use in the optimisation step the shipping costs ? For example, Farnell has access to stocks located in USA, but they charge 25 € for it, and Mouser (among others) is shipping to Europe, but if the order is above 60 € (if my memory is correct) the shipping is free.

Anyhow thanks a lot.
Jacques from Brussels
Hey Jacques,

Thanks for the compliments! We're very happy to hear so.

European distributors will come next (which ones would you like, other than Farnell?), although they do not have as nice online catalogs as the US ones.

As for the pricing costs, it's difficult for us because it tends to vary. We definitely would like to include this information and we will do so once we get cooperation from the suppliers, but for now you'll have to run your own estimates - sorry for that :)