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Salas Folded Simplistic Phono, SSHV, TPA Darwin Input Selector


2007-06-07 8:30 pm
Hi all

Too many projects, not enough time. I am selling the following items:

Salas Folded Simplistic Phono

I got it from tea bag's group buy. It includes the items below which are all the parts you need to build it (you need to add heatsinks):

Folded Minikit-Regulator Parts and goodies for FSP build.
Folded RIAA boards (2 channels for stereo)
FOlded Raw PSU
2SK170BL Folded Tri Pair
2SA970BL Matched Pair-HFE 350 plus
2SK369BL Quad $25.00
Folded PRP RIAA-2-47k, 2-6.754k .1% 25ppm
Folded Muse Cap set-6-470uf 50v, 2-47uf 100v, 2-22uf 100v

I am asking 120 GBP for it + shipping.


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