Salas' DCG3 / simplistic phono / whatnot, what's needed

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Hi friends
Barely finished a project (DCB1 mez) I already want to build the next one. It's definitely not only about good gear, it's about the solder-magic...

I'm fascinated by the genius of those project, and right now I want them all. Even if only in my dreams. :)

I'm struggling with the GB's, although they're quite clear, I don't get what elements (PCBs/Kits) I need for especially the DCG3 and simplistic phono?

Did I miss sort of a build-guide in the forums?

thank you!
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in the treads there are usually build descriptions that will tell you whats in the kits. Teabag usually include hard to find transistors, special parts etc., for the most smaller parts that are easy to ship. You will need transformers, boxes, volume pods, capacitors etc, you know the "bigger, heavier" parts.

Regarding Simplistic phono, you need to know what you will connect it to, by that i mean what pickup you have, this has to do with transistors you use based on the pickup output signal.

Tell Teabag what you need, and he or others will help you.

Here are partlists for some of the kits..

Salas Board Minikits and Full Kits - diyAudio