SAE schematic

I have it...It is a very readable scan that is in four parts, so printing and pasting together is the necessity here. They are .png files, each about 5MB, so it would need to be burned to CD and sent, unless you got a mega-sized mailbox.

For my own use, I printed each section out on regular 8.5" x 11" paper, and taped them together. What it really needs for readability is to be printed on something even larger.

Email me...I'm busy as **** lately, but be patient, and I can fix you up.
anatech...I'll send one piece tonight...zipped. If it shows up, reply so I know, and I'll send part two.

burnedfingers...I'll try to get something done in the next day or two. Maybe it would make you feel better to know it took me a year to get this from the guy who said 'I'll get that right out to ya'.:rolleyes: Promise I won't do that.;)

Well, I guess png compression is already pretty good...the zipped file and the unzipped are the same size. So I'll belay the compression and get one sent...
SAE A502 Specifications Specs

EchoWars said:
Link is quite temporary...grab it while you can:

As can be seen here, in
Scientific Audio Electronics, SAE A502 .. Specifications:

At only THD 0.025% ..... !!!!
200 Watt / 8 Ohm
300 Watt / 4 Ohm

This makes me think that the power is something like 2x 60-70 VDC
and that the transformer is quite BIG!

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