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SAE Components

Marc S

2005-05-30 7:08 pm
Thanks Mark,

Here's another bit of interesting information concerning those items.

The guy (Steve Kress) who sold them to me back in 84 told me he, or his father, either owned SAE, or were one of the partners. I can't find the paperwork, but I'm 99% sure the serial numbers were something along the lines of 0000011 and 0000012.

His story might hold some water. I had to get one of the items repaired. Not only did SAE pay for the shipping, the also fixed it free of charge...and in record time.

Of course, I probably fell for one of the oldest tricks in the book. Even so, it makes a good story. Or should I say urban legend???

sae gear

Kress name sounds familiar. SAE went thur a hand full of investors in the Last 2-3 years. Thats about the time are Hobby started with the problems it still has today.

My SAE A502 is still in Operation at a friends home in Venture. We solder all the peg wire joints & trimmed them down. & cleaned it up. Updated the caps & its still a strong preformer. I wish I'd kept it. But we made a swap about ten years back. And He still likes it. Maybe it come back around.

The Tuner is Worth more. If it is a T101 rather than T102. Dont let it go for less than 250-350.

My ole SAE setup went for 1184.00 from Rogers Sound Labs with a pair of SL3800 studio monitors. I bought that back then at the Age of 24. It was my 3rd system. Iam now 46 & on my 10th or 11th system. I'd say the SAE really got me hooked deep into Audio. But the previous Fisher & prior Marantz got me into listening.

There are still very still a big group of collectors of Sumo, Nikko, SAE, Sansui, & Pioneer, componet set-up's. Keep it if you can & get the rest of the system, The P101 is a very nice pre & hard to come-by. The P102 is usier to find and almost as nice. Dont give it away, if you have to sell hold out for top dollar.

Marc S

2005-05-30 7:08 pm
Thanks again Mark.

After reading your post, I'm beginning to wonder if I should go ahead and keep what I have.

I do have the P101, E101, and the T101. I had the SAE amp which I bought from a shop but had problems with it from day one so I took it back.

I guess I need to re-evaluate everything.....


2008-05-25 11:44 pm
T101 manual and question

I just purchased a SAE T101 tuner. I am looking for a manual for it. Can anybody make a copy who has one for me? I will gladly compensate you for costs. I also have a question about AM tuning. It seems to tune in the wrong steps. I had a shortwave that did the same thing on AM but there was a switch to select the proper increments. Does anybody know if there is a switch or other mod inside that corrects this? Thanks
Re: T101 manual and question

sixtoes said:
I just purchased a SAE T101 tuner. I am looking for a manual for it. Can anybody make a copy who has one for me? I will gladly compensate you for costs.

Hi, looks like Jims-sae-site might have your T101 manual, don't know if the site is current but check it out.



I have recently acquired a gorgeous SAE P101 preamp. Looks MINT...
The power cord is a standard (two prong plug), yet the back of the unit reads 220 VOLT AC, 50 Hz.
The cord does not appear to have been modified in any way.
The unit powers up, but the digital display does NOT light.
It will from time to time, but I wonder if it's even getting enough juice to operate it!

If this IS in fact a European model, why does it have a standard (US) cord?


2012-02-18 8:59 am
I had a Gromes preamp in the 1968.
was 220 volt tube,
used convetor Tranfomer.plug into wall plug.
had female plug on tranfomer 220 volts came out worked grate;
note these transformers pass about.200 watts of power.
will work on preeamp but NOT on power amp's.
they draw to mutch wattage.
looks like a isolation Tranformer.
see if you could find one(should do the trick)