SACD's DSD signal rerouting


2006-05-09 4:55 pm
I was thinking of building one DAC based on chips capable of receiving pure DSD signal
except of I2S PCM signal. But the problem is that the most low priced players convert the
DSD to PCM. So there are some threads that describe how to pick up the PCM signal
and route it to your own DAC, but I can't find any that proposes a player that someone
could pick up the pure DSD signal and use its own DSD capable DACs.

So my question is if there is a known (low priced) player that sends pure DSD to its DACs,
so that I could experiment with, or any alternative solution to read SACD disks
and get the pure DSD signal.


2006-05-09 4:55 pm
Eric Juaneda said:
Hello sp502,

I have a SAMSUNG DVD-HD745 who seems to correlate with your search. It uses Philips SAA7893HL (SACD logo printed on) and Burr Brown DSD1608.

Finding a DIY SACD player is certainly not easy, You have to pay license to use SACD. SACD encrypt DSD signal to protect from copy.


I will try to find the schematics of the HD745...
Thank you


2005-01-10 5:41 am
I am trying to do something similar..... Just got hold of a Philips DVP9000. Throw away the Video board... re-route the I2C and the set is still working.... the best thing is that there is this DSD up sampling that I think will convert normal CD to DSD stream iso PCM....