SACD Backup Files on Windows PC

is there anyway to back up SACD music into a Windows PC ?

It'd be awesome if I could somehow store the music files in its native uncompressed format as high as DSD512 or even DSD128.

My car was stolen and I lost over a thousand dollars in SACD's.
I'm going to rebuild my collection of SADC's but would really like to be smarter this time and store all that music into my 12 Tarabyte external hard drive.

Do you know how to do that?

kind thanks,
I've ripped all my SACD's as DSF files to a hard drive. You need to use a multi-disc player with an ARM processor that will boot from a USB stick. Basically get the transport to stream through it's ethernet connection to bypass all the DRM downgrading the bitrate limitation to red book.

The capture software is readily available, but need to software hack a player like an OPPO 105.