running 3 midrange speakers together? different ohms

I have two 2 inch midrange speakers and one 4" midrange in the center dash. I don't use the center dash speaker all that much and would like to put it on its own volume control if possible. Can I use an L pad on just the center speaker when I wire them all together?
The 2 midranges on the left and right are 4ohm and the center speaker is 8 ohm which would be 1.6 ohm or 16 if im not mistaken?
I obviously want the left and right the same volume and want the center to be adjustable. These would have their own 4 channel amp also. Is this possible to do? all 3 speakers are rated close to each other 25-35rms. All would be running similar frequencies through my dsp(3-500 to 5-700).
RE:'Can I use an L pad on just the center speaker when I wire them all together?" - yes
wire the two outer speakers in series, and then those two in parallel with the center one - total impedance - 4 ohms

is there a diagram you have with that? I thought I could only wire them all in series or parallel? But I don't see much info on doing 3 speakers with different ohm levels.


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See the Thumbnail below.

Thanks for that. Seems easy enough. And then I just wire in a l-pad before I wire the center speaker into the other two.

I guess that doesn’t mean I can do left+right for a center speaker? It will just. Be the full range of signal if it’s connected to the left and right mid? My dsp has a mono input for a center and sub but only if it’s wired in by itself I’m assuming.