Rotel recommendations for upgrades?

TO-3 enclosures are the most unmusical. They have the worst construction in terms of current and flow: both the shape and the diameter, often also the internal connections of emitter and base. In addition, the housing is often made of a mixture of materials. And also the connection of the (mostly) collector by screw. Most users also connect to current by means of two screws: 2 times washer - nut - screw - washer - thus also a current loop, and a summation of further signal modulating materials and transitions)-;
Jean was wrong about TO-3 transistors)-;
And practically: all the ones I heard, even compared to the same ones in the TO-247 cases, are among the worst sounding: noisiest, most bumpy, most covered, most contour and colourless.
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On a side note, but regarding Hiraga's Classe A - one of the best complex half-wave symmetric complementary transistor push-pull amplifiers - The connection of the amplifiers:

... and please replace the fat copper bars with thin copper wires, max. 1 mm diameter. And throw out this terrible MKP also - without replacement!-)


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