Rotary switch, high amps, medium voltage, MBF, Dp, 6+ positions

the moon

I'm not sure anybody ever made anything like this. Aside from the "MBF" which has not been legal to sell in the UK since 1763, the 5 amps is a killer. Industrial supply houses carry 3 position "reversing" switches with a rotary action, suitable for 5 amps @ 460 VAC, but they are on-off-on. Probably your best bet would be to combine a regular 6 position rotary switch with 6 relays or, if truly [email protected], 12 transistors. You'd need a little wall plug power supply for the relay coils or the transistor base feed. If ever much below 10V, silver relay contacts would be better than copper.
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2008-07-18 1:09 pm
Thanks they do seem to be tricky to get, althought mouser does have this R20507RR02Q C&K Components Rotary Switches.

Relays are too much of an effort and space. Transistors will introduce resistance in the current path and an unnecessary voltage drop.

All I want is a switch to select an appropriate value current sensing resistors. The highest current is 5A (or 6A maybe) so I was looking in general for a 5A capable switch.

The thread discussing this is in power supplies where I will continue.