Room eq wizard help

Can someone interpret this graph of my listening room .


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I treated the room based on reading forums, then I purchased a calibrated microphone. I have read that a graphs showing between a +-2db to as much as +-10db is a good target, seems to be a wide range of opinions . My questions are where do you draw a line through the graph to determine the peaks and dips. The reading was taken from listening position
If I draw a line at 55db it shows a dip of 9 dB @ 50hz is this a node and would I need to move listening position or perhaps the speakers . There also appears to be a dip of +- 5db @ 2k hz .
I have also read that to much emphasis is placed on these readings, the room sounds good to me and I just need to relax and enjoy.
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Ok, it doesn't look too bad. It may tell you more if you do one before the treatment and one after, not moving the mic or speakers while you work.

Anyway, chosing 55 was not too bad, it's not that important. You have a bunch of room modes around and below 100Hz there, this just happens, and room treatment will not do much at these low frequencies. You can try a multi-sub setup, this makes enough difference that it could fix the bass completely if you do it well.

The dip at 2k might be crossover related. It would be interesting to know how the drivers are set in the cabinet. Maybe you are listening at a bad angle. But this could be wrong and it could be a room reflection.
Allen, if my memory isn't failing, those are KEF 107's with KUBE active EQ perched top center on the rack. I sure wanted a pair back in the day!

Bass is from a pair of 10's in a bandpass, the large vent is a couple of feet off the floor.

Cutaway view from period propaganda:


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Thanks Tim, I share your enthusiasm. I also looked at a stereophile review. This image is interesting, it is a sample of the EQ. It is tempting to conclude that your bass response is a result of this EQ but I think it is more likely that this EQ simply extends the woofer response, and your room has given you the dip. However, if there is an inconsistency in the EQ, it could be causing part of the issue.

Do you have variable controls? The article I read had sections from different dates, and the early one may have suggested there was less control. Maybe I misunderstood, you can read it for yourself here, the measurement sections from Martin Colloms, and by John Atkinson.


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