rookie builds foot needed!


2005-06-05 5:36 pm
hey all,

so i got a delay pedal and I know you can buy a footswitch to use the tap tempo function, but I'm sure they are pretty simple uinits to build.

However, I'm completely new to building audio electronics, so I wonder if anybody knows how to make one? All I know for sure is that it is an unlatching momentary foot switch...

any help will be greatly appreciated!
Hi mihir.

It sounds like a very simple approach will work. What you need is a momentary normally closed pushbutton switch, a little box or something to mount it in, and a cord and jack. Most likely 2-conductor. You should be able to just wire the switch to the two jack terminals. Polarity won't matter.
It might be a good idea, though, to use a resistor in series. Try around 4700 ohms to start: you shouldn't need to go lower than maybe 50 or 100 ohms.

Good luck!