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Rod Elliot P3A complete kit

Hi guys,

As the title suggests I am selling components that are left over from various builds that would be suitable to put together a Rod Elliot P3A Amp or sold separately depending upon interest.

  • 500VA transformer 240v 2 x 25V secondaries Power Tran
  • Capacitors 4 x 63V 10'000uf United Chemi-Con KMH purchased from digikey
  • Power supply PCB SA2014 board 3 pin diode small board version
  • 2x TGM8 amplifier PCB's inspired by Rod Elliot

I'm located in Brisbane, Australia and am happy to ship anywhere.
I will price these items at about 50% what it cost me. Hope this fair.


Transformer $60 AUD
Capacitors + PCBs $30 AUD