Rockford P1000bd

This amp powers up and is stable. It has regulated and rail voltage.

The rail is not making it to the outputs.

I am suspecting this card. Is the little LED light on this card suppose to be lit when the amp is on and working or is it suppose to be off?

This amp has no DC on output terminals. This amp is not in protect.

This amp has no audio output??


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Somebody has either replaced them or reflowed the solder on them.

There is alot of solder on their pins.

Not sure if its safe to power up with the bd output board not installed.

Another member told me to replace those and there are usually a couple of LM6172's fried. The LM6172's are on the bd output board. I was thinking to replace them and then re-installing the board and going from there.

What do you think?
I dont know if they have been replaced there are 3 MJD44H11 and 1 MJD45H11. I just noticed lots of fresh solder on all of their pins.

R2035 has been resoldered to the board as well.

R9 did have one end broke off the board and it was burned brown, it reads 30 ohms and looks like a 5 watt flameproof. Not sure if that is OEM or it should match the white ones. I am not sure of its true vale but it reads 30 ohms.