Rockford Fosgate Power 1000C

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There is a guy selling one of these on ebay.

He says its a power 1000 "c" terminator edition. Its not a terminator edition. I gave him some friendly fellow ebayer advice and he flipped out sending me 2 pages of insults and obsenity.

I kinda laughed as I found it funny that someone could get that upset especially when they have no idea what they are talking about.

Mind you its a nice amp, but its not a terminator edition. He even gets into the whole wayne harris thing and the hearse.

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but didnt wayne harris design the terminator edition to "fit" into the hearse because the originals were to long with the caboos? Didnt he also design the LED bar as a trick cosmetic add on?

Rockford Fosgate "Old School "Power C 1000 Watt Monster King Car Amplifier" | eBay
From a friend of mine that knows more about the various models of these amps than I do.

It is not a Power 1000C. That was the second iteration of the Power 1000 that Wayne Harris created from the original Power 1000. It was chrome from the factory and that’s what the “C” stood for in 1000C.

It is also not a Terminator edition. The chopped, chromed and LED panel Power 1000 was initially created by Wayne Harris for his Terminator. Note that the LED panel matches the giant spectrum analyzer that Wayne created for the side windows of the hearse. Rockford liked what he did so they made about 100 “Terminator Edition” amplifiers (this is info I got directly from Wayne Harris in an email). Those were a hit so Rockford changed the Power 1000 to the Power 1000C. The only true, and quite rare, Terminator Edition amplifiers say “Terminator Edition” on them. The later Power 1000C does not and says “Handcrafted in the USA” instead. This amplifier is neither a Terminator Edition nor a Power 1000C. It’s a Power 1000 with a Rockford Fosgate Perfect Interface custom cover (which came in many color combinations).

Not only did Rockford make two Power 1000 amps, contrary to the seller’s claims, but they technically made three versions if you count the actual Terminator Edition model between the original and the Power 1000C.

The amplifier the seller has is an original Power 1000 with the black/white/red cover removed and a RF Perfect Interface chrome cover added. If a Power 1000 has the “caboose” or wiring cover on the end then it is an original 1000. The Power 1000C did not have the caboose. You can tell he has an original Power 1000 because the bottom cover extends all the way to the end of the caboose whereas a Power 1000C would not. He also claims he has owned this amplifier for 27 years which would put it at 1986 and the Power 1000C did not come out until the early 1990’s. It was tested by Car Audio & Electronics in their October 1991 issue.

Here is a video of Wayne at the 1992 World of Wheels. At the beginning of the video you can see the side windows with the spectrum analyzers that inspired the LED panels on the amplifier. At 3:55 you can see the Power 1000C prototypes.

dBDrag - The "Terminator" at 1992 World of Wheels by Wayne Harris - YouTube

The amplifier is not rated at 500x4. If it was it would be called the Power 2000. The amplifier is rated 150x4 at four ohms, 250x4 at two ohms or 500x2 bridged into four ohms.

The seller thanks bigdwhiz and his site but he still manages to get the information wrong. I see where Wayne in that text refers to the Terminator Edition as the 1000C which functionally is correct but from a collecting standpoint would not be as the Terminator marked amps are the rarest of all models. Bigdwhiz does have a true Terminator Edition as can be seen in the YouTube video in the front cover silk-screening. I take issue with the final quote bigdwhiz got from Rockford because clearly the 1000C came out in 1991 with the prototype Terminator Edition right before that. I have never seen a black Power 1000 with the caboose removed as a factory issued amplifier. I think the RF rep is just guessing because we know that Wayne was the one who chopped the amp because it wouldn’t fit in his hearse. Bigdwhiz does note the error in the amplifier release date.

Old School Stereo: Rare Old School Rockford Fosgate Power 1000 Mosfet Terminator Edition Amplifier
Wow Perry, I am impressed. This is the kind of info I was looking for. I knew someone on the forum had more knowledge of this than I did.

Lucky for me the power 1000 terminator edition I picked up was only $350 on ebay broken.

It works fine as long as the LED board is unplugged, if you plug it in the amp cuts out at a little less than half volume.

I have not got around to looking at it yet. I will post up some pics.
Just curious, did all the Power 1000's come with the Caboose brand new from the factory??? The one I own did not come with the Caboose, not that it really matters that much to me.
As Perry said there were 3 different versions.

Mine is in ok condition, but seeing how there were only 100 ever made in the world......well its value is still high.

Here are some pics....


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Very good info indeed, I knew some of the info, and a few things I did not know. The person I bought the 1000 from had two others, and all of them were missing the caboose too. So was not sure if they all came with one or not.

Sean for what you paid for the amp, you got a hell of a deal, I think I remember that amp on ebay, and may have been bidding on it also. When you get it working, you will have a nice gem!! Just don't try to sell it for 1800 dollars!
Re: Post #8:
All of the Power 1000 original amps came with the caboose which covered the wiring block. The later 1000C, like the Terminator Edition, did not have a caboose and the wiring block was removed with just three wires coming out of the amp. The caboose often goes missing just like the fuse panels on the Power 300 amps and the bass/treble knobs on the Punch series and Power 300 amps. I have no idea why people can't put them back but they are often missing.

The white cover with black lettering that his picture shows is the cover minus the caboose. I can tell by the lettering that someone re-screened that cover because the lettering is not correct.

Re: Post #9:
Please ask seankane when he got that on eBay and if he has the auction number. I search for Power 1000 amps every day on eBay and I don't recall ever seeing that.
I can only go back 3 years in my archived purchase history in ebay.

As a result I cannot find the auction number. I bought it longer than 3 years ago on ebay as broken.

I got it home and it worked fine but the LED bar didnt work. I hooked up the LED board and it worked but then the amp would cut out.

I threw it on the shelf and never messed with it again. I believe I only paid $350 for the amp.

I knew it was rare but not to the extent of only 100 ever made. It was an easy win, there was only 1 or 2 other bidders and I sniped it at the end....easy pick.

did you get that off ebay about a month ago. I briefly stumbled across an identical one for repair at a $500 buy it now. it was only on ebay for maybe 2 hrs. I tried to buy it but it was gone before i got logged into ebay from home.

I think I was the one who grabbed that one, couldn't believe I was able to snatch it before it sold!

Perry, thanks for all of the info on the Power 1000 models. I created the article on OldSchoolStereo after receiving information from Eric Russell at Rockford Fosgate (and another of his co-workers who assembled the old power series, also named Eric) and also an email direct from Wayne Harris. I'm pretty sure the 1000c's hit the market around 1991, b/c there is a "big amp" test in Oct. 1991 of Car Audio & Electronics w/ the 1000c. I just didn't have it confirmed if the 1000c came first or the 1000 Terminator. I "believe" the 1000 Terminator came after the 1000c as a tribute to Wayne and his creation. Also, from what I've been able to surmise, there is no difference from the 1000c and Terminator except the difference in silk screening. Wayne did mention there were only 100 or so official "Terminator Editions" and he had 10-12 of them himself.

There is a TON of misinformation out there, one reason that drives me to make these videos about the old school amps and gear. The good thing about the website is I can easily update any misinformation, but I try to be extra careful with the videos to ensure my statements are accurate (or updated with annotations).
post #1, I think the dude Sean contacted is making even more claims...

"Please look at my chip board "Rockford Branding " indicating made in the "USA" not after market like bighamlt1 power 1000 (Revc2 branding wtf???) not the real deal and not the same amp sorry,,, so please beware!!!!!!!!" rick rock-ford
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