RN-20 Chinese transformer connecting to JHL Amp board


2013-04-12 12:46 am

I have just purchased a pre-built JHL amp board and a transformer to go with it, and I am looking for a bit of a sanity check whilst I wait for it to arrive to plan how I am going to connect things.

This is the transformer: 30W 220V R Core Transformer 9V 2 15V 2 Free Shipping | eBay

The mains side is straight forward, One to neutral, one to active, (both are red so it doesn't appear to matter which one), and grn/yel to Protective earth. So far so good.

My question really revolves around the output side. I need a 15-0-15 ac supply. My first instinct is that I take each of the yellows as a +15 and the red attached to neutral as "0". Is this correct, or do I need to take one green and one yellow as my +15's?

Is there any benefit to me putting an appropriately sized capacitor bank between the output of the transformer, and the input to the amp? Space in the enclosure isn't a problem, but if there is likely to be no benefit I wont bother!

If you could please let me know if my interpretation of the transformer is correct it would be really appreciated!


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