RME ADI-2 transformer analog I/O coupling


2005-10-20 12:57 pm
I recently bought a second hand RME ADI-2 as I was looking for a cost effective clean ADC for archiving vinyl.

First impressions are very good. Nice open sounding DAC (very transparent) but with a touch of haziness to the HF. Examination of the insides showed some cheap electrolytic coupling caps on the analog I/Os. My first thoughts were to bypass the caps, but there was a significant positive bias voltage on all. I next wondered about replacing the caps but there isn't much space to work (so nice big film caps are out). Rather than settle for better electrolytics i thought i'd experiment with the 4x Lundahl LL1527 general purpose audio transformers I had lying around...... Pics to follow. Real testing to come tomorrow.