Ripole Questions


2006-07-25 6:37 am
Hello everyone. Have some questions about Ripole enclosure design.

I'm using a FI Car Audio IB 18"

FS: 24
QTS: .79
VAS: 245L
XMAX: 34mm
SD: 1210cm2

I recall that the front opening was supposed to be 25% SD if 10mm xmax or less. Or 33% SD if xmax is greater than 10mm.

Xmax of this woofer is 3x 10mm. Should I increase the size of the front opening?
Just a little FYI... When doing the math for the center front-firing chamber be sure to double the amount of SD when calculating the area of the opening. The reason is that there are two subs firing into the center chamber. The math doesn't work if you only use the SD for one sub.

That is one big magnet assembly on that sub you picked. I hated the look of the magnets hanging out the sides of the cabinets I've seen. To get around it I used low-profile Infinity Reference REF1200S subs for the dual Ripoles I built.
I'm not sure I follow what you're saying. Isn't what you are planning with a single driver just an open baffle sub? It's my understanding that a Ripole uses a pair of drivers per cabinet. And you don't have to calculate cabinet volume for a Ripole. The math for a Ripole determines the area of the openings (front & back), not volume.