RIP Dr. Alan E. Hill

RIP Dr. Alan E. Hill, September 4, 1939 – May 29, 2023.

Alan developed his plasma tweeter while working at the Air Force Weapons Laboratory and after he left there to form Plasmatronics Inc., in Albuquerque, N.M. He first showed the Hill Type 1 plasma speaker system at the Winter CES in January of 1978 to great acclaim (nothing like it exists to this day).

Alan's health had been deteriorating for some time and he was recently diagnosed with late stage Parkinson's. He did manage to attend AXPONA 2023 where his fantastic tweeters were back on display after 40 years out of public view. I owe Alan a tremendous debt of gratitude for the more than twelve years of knowledge he generously passed on to me.
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There are very few people whose name immediately makes you think of something, Hill is one of them. Plasmartonics and the famous tweeter come to mind when I hear the name Hill. That is a great tribute to his accomplishments. RIP and your legacy will live on!
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@elwood625, I made the presentation with Alan on stage. His son Larry made a video recording that I have not seen, but I do have this photo. He enjoyed the presentation as well as the listening session in our room.


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