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Riken RMG 1W and 2W resistors - good useful values! (some now near unobtainable)

Hi All

I have some surplus Riken RMG Carbon resistors to offer:
(All supplied by Parts connexion)

Values available [updated 8th August 2015]
1 Watt

33R x2
220R x10
330R x2
470R x2
2K7 x2
1K5 x2

2 Watt rating:
100 ohm x6
150 ohm x8
47K x4

1W GBP2 per resistor
2W GBP3 per resistor

+postage at little over cost as usual, will quote once I know what is requested.

Please send a PM with values/wattage requested.
[I'll keep the list as up to date as possible.]


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