ribbon tweeter from China

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mac said:
I've used the Raven R1 in the past and I'd say that the JP2 is nearly its equal. The JP2 costs about $120 here in the US. http://www.zalytron.com/Fountek.htm

Cheers, mac.

The JP2 is a bit different than the newer "Neo" CD 2 .0version, and would likely sound at least a little different due to the additional mass of the Neo ribbon (over that of the original JP2).

I think that one or two members here have actually used the NeoPro 5i, so a forum search could be usefull.. however it is doubtfull that any searchs will reveal differences from differeing Fountek models.

The only person I know of that has listened to most if not all of the Fountek models is Rick Craig - who can often be found on the Madisound Forum.

there suppose to be very similar to their Aurum Cantus counterparts, but with a plastic chasis instead of aluminum.

you can even use the AC ribbon elements in Fountek ribbon bodies.

"the difference is sound is not worth the difference in cost" - i read somewhere..

^but replacing the ribbon elements on Fountek ribbons are PITA compared to AC and LCY ribbons..

http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/diy_loudspeaker/JP3 Ribbon Replacement.pdf
Yury said:
you're realy hard-working man! I've admiring about your firmness of purpose. pity, but I can't to do the same.....
and explain please, it seems like not big difference between before and after. 4-5 db only..
is it realy urgent?

If your talking about the Foundtek ribbon element compared to the custom/homemade Household Aluminum Foil element.

i wouldnt worry about the difference, too much..

from 2khz to 4khz, its boasted. this is where you ears are most sensitive (throughout the treble range).

then from 4khz to 8khz its quite flat. this is where youll find most harshness.

and from 8khz+ is a little boasted, but your ears are less sensitive in this area, anyways (specially when you get older) so its probably a good thing...
10K2HVN said:
your ears are less sensitive in this area, anyways (specially when you get older)

you're absolutely right. I'm realy loose this range. I'm 47. it's big difference for ears.
but anyway, I try to do the best acoustic system, that's why I'm looking for something .... ideal for high waves. :)

your experiense is very interesting, basicaly, I've cary about each db within bass range. it's my favourite.

but high range have to be make maximum flat and high.

I'm afraid, I'll not be able to do the same work. I'll be use basic driver, that's why I ask society about it.
Yury said:
couldn't open link. I don't know why, no problem. I never use EQ, I'm even have not volume regulator. what it for?
could you change level in the concert hall? :)
I mean, I have room for music listening... and have not any problem with room reaction, tone compensation,....

hmm..link works for me...

no volume..? i guess its true, about the concert thing, but thats a little extreme for me... :bigeyes:

georgehifi said:
You guys want a good Japanese made Foster/Fostex ribbon tweeter cheap, look here, They got 10,000 aweek ago and have 1,700 left at $29us each.


Cheers George

Those are not "True" Ribbon Tweeters, though...
dear 10K2HVN! :)
do you agree about various of room audio parametrs to different SPL? big different reaction of louspeaker as well, differnt sensitivity human ears... isn't it? that's why I'm just COULDN'T use volume regulator.
I want, but I can't.

about Foster/Fostex ribbon tweeter. I asked them about 2 pcs for test. they answer: "Sorry but we do not sell our products on a retail level." pity.
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