RF digital video signal transponder?

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Hi ;)

I don't know jack about video presently but someone might be able to enlighten me as to whether this idea is feasible.

I have just moved into an apartment with my friend. He wants to mount a projector from the roof (some handy dismantling of the light fitting will provide the required power and fixture).

Rather than have wires hanging down from the projector, I was thinking we could just buy an RF digital signal transponder/reciever to send the digital video signal from the DVD player on the ground to the projector on the roof.

Does such a thing exist and has anyone got any recommendations as to what works and what doesn't? I have tried searching google without any success.
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Lot of computer suppliers use this sort of thing to connect whole lot of terminals to a mainframe without wires.

You can get IR transmitter/receivers that connect to an audio source and transmit audio without wires to a headphone set for people who are hard of hearing. But I am not sure about video as well. Check out Dick Smith or Jaycar. May have a kit.

Dont forget the safety issues. Many ordinary ceiling mounted light fixtures only have two wires fitted, Phase switched by the light switch and Neutral but if your projector has a three pin plug and uses the earth connection you end up with no earth on the projector. Light fittings should have the earth wire fitted if the light fitting is metal construction, or else sometimes the earth wire is left adjacent to the fitting in the ceiling cavity in case its needed at a later time. Sometimes it's not.

If your projector is double insulated two wires are ok You will either see the words double insulated or more usually a rectangle within a rectangle on the voltage plate fitted on the projector.

You cannot fit a conventional 3 pin power connector unless there is an earth wire because someone else could plug something in that needs the earth connection. I guess you will have some space between the projector and the ceiling for ventilation.

You have to worry about this sort of thing for household insurance, and, we don't want a dead DIYAUDIO boss man.

For a small fee + airline tickets I can easily pop over and connect it up for you.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.