Resize the Image quickly with PicPop

Just wanted to thank the DIY forum for helping me make a great projector.

To that end I offer up a little program I wrote in Visual Basic to resize the video image, as my long throw does not land the full lcd on the screen. I masked off the picture, so resizing images and programs could sometimes be difficult.

I tried Powerstrip but didn’t like it as I still run the same computer for my 32"TV, so I wrote this to do the job that I wanted done.

Tie this program(PicPop) to an ATI Remote Wonder or programmable keyboard button to launch it.

When it starts, it will position and size the topmost running program, your moving image.

You can also target the program by it's tab name, and the controller that comes with your videop program. PicPop will also leave your mouse just off screen where you choose, so you can find it easily.

It can remember presets by tab name, and allows ultra quick easy adjusting of image position and size from ATI’s Remote or keyboard via arrows and return key.

If you have a long throw, and are using less of your actual desktop image to project, this program is for you. ;)
Included with this Zip:
Program Executable PicPop.exe for XP and 98(98 need VB runtime)
Program VB6 Source (compile it or change it yourself if you like)
Skin.jpg (A Skin Template, you can change the looks)
Help.txt ( an extensive help file for set up)
Get here.

Also a good little utility I wrote to load videos I call MovieLoad. Point it to a folder full of movies and click to launch, also for Remote Wonder users.
Get here.

And for those looking to play games, but need to put them in a window so they can be resized, there is this program Dxwnd.

Thanks Again, Dogbite :)