Resistors for USAMPS USA-400


2010-10-08 3:58 am
Im not sure if this is the right place to post but here it goes...

I have a 1999 US Amps USA-400. Two resistors are blown. I think they are carbon compositions, but im not sure. Im pretty sure the blown ones are the same as the two peach colored ones in the second pic. My question is what do I need to replace these with? And also do I need to replace the other two also?

Sorry for the poor picture quality. If it will help I can try to find a better camera.


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Those appear to be carbon film, not composition. Looks like at least 1 watt, if not two. I can't clearly make out the color bands; guessing at 21 ohms.

Metal oxide resistors at 2 watts would seem like a suitable replacement. The unburnt ones should be fine.

Resistors don't fail by themselves; they're a symptom of failures elsewhere.