Resistor Question


2002-03-21 5:29 pm
I'm going to build the DIY speakers from that call for a 5ohm, 12 watt (1%) cement type wirewound resistor. Living in Canada, my parts selection is limited to really only one company based out of Quebec.

They offer both non-inductive metal oxide and cement type wirewound ($1 metal and 40 cents cement) but only at 10 watts.

What's the difference between the metal oxide and cement type (if any) and by using a 10 watt resistor instead of a 12 watt am I going to notice anything?

I've seen some 5 ohm resistors sell for $3 - $5 USD ... much more than the ones I listed above which gives me cause for concern.

Any help would be great.
Well, 10w apposed to 12w really won't change much.

As for which resistors sound better, I've seen many different views on the subject. But I'm gathering it's for attenuating your drivers, correct? In that case the best way to go would be to buy one of both and try them and see which sounds better (although I doubt you'll hear one, the extra $1 won't kill you).