requesting Sinclair X-20, X-10 information

hey guys,

so i've been trying to find any information i can on Sinclair X-20 (or x-10) amp. for those who don't know, they are probably the first commercial PWM amps made. they were fairly popular and apparently sounded pretty good considering the price, even tho production wise they were very faulty.

anyway, i've searched the internet and contacted as many people as i can, but have come to a dead end.
i'm just putting a request out there for any information. in return i will post what information i have if anyone wants it. i've basically got all i need except for the transistors. i know that some of them include the - MAT100, MAT101, MAT120, MAT121 and ADT140. But i don't think this is all of them, the ones i've just listed are all PNP but Q10 and Q11 are NPN. i also found out that Sinclair probably didn't make his own transistors, but instead relabeled ones from philco or plessey.
i'm looking for any information, but a scan of the original X-20 manual would be awesome. posted below is the what information i have on the X-20.

a scan of an article written for Radio-Electronics, September 1967.

page 2.

my transcription of the article.
View attachment A CLASS-D HI-FI AMPLIFIER.pdf

all the figures in the article, including the schematics.

i created this component diagram, it includes the position of all components.
component diagram.png

X20 PCB.png

parts list (has some holes with the transistors)
View attachment parts list.pdf

an image of the X-20 from an 1960's ad

if anyone can help i would be greatly appreciative. if anyone wants some more information they can PM me and i'll email what i have.