Replacing transport in Denon3910


2007-11-02 2:15 am
I have a 3910 that is fairly new but had a little encounter between the extended drawer and a neighbor's kid, and ever since then the drawer mechanism has just not sounded right. It had no problems playing disks for a while after this but now won't play about 90% of audio CDs, yet still plays DVDs.

The drawer is definitely not right and the transport may also be damaged or misaligned or both, so I'd like to replace the transport if possible. So questions are:

1.) Is this fairly easy to do -- somebody told me that it is a matter of 4 screws and a few small ribbon cables and nothing else (once the unit is open, that is.)

2.) Does anybody know the model number and manfacturer of the transport and where they can be bought?

Would appreciate any leads, advice, instructions, etc.