Replacing Speakers in old Bose acoustimass

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New to posting but I have worked the forums for years and I have a question. Have done my due diligence and can’t find an answer.
I have a 20 year old Bose Acoustimass system that I would like to replace the speakers on. There are plenty of quality 2.5 inch full range drivers out there for the satellites but the bass module is tricky. Has anyone done this before? What were the results?
I haven’t pulled the bass module apart so I don’t know the airspace or port sizes the 5.25 drivers run in. Should I use the Bose crossover or replace them?
It was free and I will get more joy out of pulling it apart then I would from the $80 I could get on C-list. My goal is to get the best sound out of the cabinets that I already have. Worse case, I destroy the Bose equipment and use whatever speakers I bought on another project I will post about.
They are currently run buy a 5 year old JVC 100w/ch receiver and I get the typical “no highs, no lows” Bose sound.
Any speaker recommendations for both the Bass module and the satellites would be appreciated.
Please remember, this is a project I want to do. You may have other ideas for your own projects but this is what I want to accomplish. Please keep the “just throw it away” comments to a minimum.
Thank you
Hi Josh,
What is wrong with the speaker/s in the bass module? I have repaired a few over the years and the specs of the drivers need to be pretty spot on to get the performance out of the type of bandpass box that they are mounted in and Bose dont use readily available off the shelf drivers (they use 6 and 8 layer voice coil drivers for instance) and to use some other type of driver in a double tuned band pass enclosure would require a lot of reverse engineering number crunching, good luck!
The only real problem is they don't produce any real lows. The speakers are 20 years old and I figured I could put something modern in there that would produce better lows while still keeping the small size.
My biggest problem is that I can't find any specs for the speakers. Finding something that will work in the box wold be fun to me. I work 12 hours shifts in EMS and have a lot of internet time to search and do the math.
I'm pulling apart the box today and will have a better idea. I could always knock out the baffles in the Box, rear mount 2-6.5" woofers and use it as a single port system; though figuring out the port using the existing front cone might be above my level.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.