Replacing Small Thor Mags with Nextels

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Not sure if there is any interest in this. I am also not sure if I am doing the correct thing as a new thread or if I should just keep adding to corrosion to Seas or Clarity thread. If someone feels strongly either way please let me know.

My objective is to replace the Magnesium Drivers with the Nextel Drivers and try to get close to the same sound. with minimal changes to the crossover and cabinet.

I have been quite happy with the small thors (thank you again Scottmoose,Dave,Renron and many others) BUT
My W18E001 Drivers have severe corrosion to the point where there are pinholes in three of the drivers after removing what I could of the corrosion and the drivers look quite bad. I had to aggressively remove the corrosion so not sure if I affected the weight in any event I am going to change the drivers. I did not replace with magnesium drivers because I do not think new mag drivers would last We live in close proximity to the ocean and I do not want to go thru this again.

Chris at Solen has been absolutely great to work with and has recommended Nextel drivers at a significant discount to replace the Magnesium drivers. He has also designed a new BR cabinet if the Thor cabinet will not work.

I am in no way qualified in technical ability or my trust of my hearing to necessarily be a judge to the change. I do have REW measurements taken a couple of years ago to compare and I can still use my lead ears (as opposed to golden ears) to describe what I hear.

I have ordered the Drivers and run simulations on xsim, which is a godsent.
I have attached the xsim info on the current thor cross over with the tweeter inverted and the sim of the nextels I have also included the Rew measurements from sometime ago before I new about the corrosion. these are the best of the measurements I was able to get at the listening postion after spending quite a bit of time on speaker placement.

Thank you Lojzek for your help in getting the frd files

At this point it looks like not inverting the tweeter and removing the resistors from the tweeter maybe enough to get close and use the Small Thor cabinets.

I can read the fr and impedance chart but I am not sure about the impulse or square wave or what impact they have on sound


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