Replacing RCA cables on AR EB101

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I have searched for info on this and failed. It must be out there. I am sorry.

Anyway: I wish to replace the RCA cables from my AR EB101. This is largeley because I want them longer, but also because they look like rubbish and maybe can be improved upon.

I have made these except with sliver and teflon wire:

My question is: would something like this be suitable for a turntable, or are there other considerations, such as impedance or shielding?

Another one: Is a two or three meter cable going to cause any other problems?

I have not looked inside my AR EB101, but I assume it would be simple?

Thanks in advance.

OK, when you open the TT from underneath, you will see how they went from coax to tonearm wire. Maybe via a PCB or whatever. Make sure that you can work with whatever is there or you have to be prepared to be creative. Also use quality RCAs and Solder. I like Silver Solder for connectors, it seems to be tougher and maybe conducts better too (possible added benefit).

If you replace the cables, you might think about also changing the tonearm wire (use Cardas if you do). It will only sound as good as the weakest link between the cartridge and the preamp. Also think about the headshell leads. This is a tricky one. Do your research on the new leads and your headshell config. Most headshells have 1.0 mm pins and most cartridges have 1.2mm pins. Most new quality leads have 1.2 mm connectors at each end so you have to compromise the connector at the headshell end to make them work (Audioquest HL-5, etc.). Try reversing the ones you have to determine if this is your case. This really irritates me to spend quite a few dollars to have to crush them. Talk about the weakest link. STUPID manufacturers.

Next, research the cable being used. The capacitance is very important. Too little or too much is bad for a MM Cartridge (too veiled to too bright). This gets hard to manage at 2 to 3 meters, so try to find something very low. You usually have a match at 220 pf and low capacitance cable has between 40pf and 60pf per foot! Nine feet will kill the sound unless you have a variable input on your Phono Pre.

My suggestion is really do your research on this, I just went through this a few months back on my Technics TT. The more research you do the better the odds of making an improvement rather than a waste of time and money! This cost me $60.00 before I had to make a new PCB and that was $15.00 more. I don't know what your AR is worth but think about your commitment level and max financial level.

Good luck and let us know how you are doing. There are some really helpful members here that know much more than what I have learned recently! Many helped me!

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.